The most sustainable, complete, vegan, hypo-allergenic, and best tasting protein on the market bar none. We are the first protein supplement to use cutting edge innovations in the fermentation industry, providing a protein that is neither animal nor plant based.

Spacemilk gives you all the nutritional yeast benefits you are looking for.

Why Spacemilk
Vegan Protein

Yeast Protein Isolate

100% Vegan, processed using only water and electricity. Purity guaranteed – you wouldn't even know it came from yeast unless we told you. It's the perfect protein for vegans.


We don't cut corners or add fillers. Each ingredient has a clinically-backed purpose to support you daily.


Our protein is grown in water, using far fewer resources, producing far less CO2, and all without the sprawling farms, pesticides, or hormones of other sources.


9 Essential Amino Acids

With an amino acid profile similar to whey, Spacemilk is the superior choice to both animal and plant-based proteins.


Protein for everyone. Iron gut? Great! Sensitive tummy? Even better.Our ingredients are intentionally simple and were uniquely selected to be allergen-free. Spacemilk is something you must have if you are looking for high soluble fiber foods.


Superior taste, texture, and flavor. Across the board we outperform plant-based and whey proteins, especially for drink-ability.

Our components


It is the first, highly digestible, non-GMO, complete protein made from yeast protein isolate.


Organic Sunfiber™

The best, hypoallergenic fiber ingredient, clinically proven to support your digestive system.



The most effective, cutting edge, clinically backed type of probiotic, known as spore-forming, able to support your digestive system.

  • Protein source
  • vegan source
  • no allergies / imputies
  • sustainability
  • taste & flavor
  • amino acid composition (AA)
  • digestibility
  • ProteVin
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  • +
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  • whey
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  • soy
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  • pea & rice blend
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The only vegan protein which ranks above both animal AND plant-based for digestibility, composition, taste, and hypoallergenicity.
  • Superior amino acid profile
  • Superior taste and flavor
  • Allergen-free
  • Non-GMO, sustainable yeast fermentation



We grow and harvest the yeast, which produces protein in its cells. The yeast creates protein by taking abundant resources like nitrogen and ammonia, which aren't useful for human consumption, and converting them into protein, a vital resource for humans.


Processing & Extraction

The purification process isolates protein from the cells, using only water and electricity. This means it's free of solvents, chemicals, and other undisclosed ingredients, which could be passed on as trace elements with other proteins.



Once the protein has been extracted from the yeast cells, it is separated through centrifuge to an extreme purity. Following this, the protein is dried.



After drying, we add carefully selected fiber and probiotic ingredients, with organic flavors depending, and blend for an even consistency and smooth taste.



Once we finish blending, we test each batch for purity and content. After a batch has met our rigorous standards, we package and send directly to you. Our packaging is designed to minimize plastic waste to the utmost, while also ensuring the quality of the product you receive.



After each of these steps, the highest quality, most sustainable, and best source of protein on the planet is ready for you. Enjoy with 12 oz. of your favorite beverage, but it tastes amazing even in water. [No, really – it does!]

For Life's
Best Choices

The first complete, highly digestible, non-GMO protein supplement that will replace both the animal AND plant-based protein supplement industries.

Its nutritional value is comparable to whey, making a better choice than plant proteins, except it's even better for the planet!

For Daily Nutritional Needs

For Sports and Athletic Recovery

For Sensitive Needs

For The Planet

Don’t take
our word for it

I've been vegan for three years. I thought I had it all figured out – the easy tricks and ways to help balance my diet. Then came Spacemilk. I can feel how much easier on my stomach it is than plant-based shakes.

Eric Wetlaufer


How do I know if Spacemilk is right for me?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends ~0.35 grams of protein per lb. of body weight for an average sedentary person to maintain muscle mass. This increases to ~0.45 grams per lb. of body weight in those over 50 years of age. People who exercise are recommended to consume ~0.8 grams per lb of body weight. To help, an average sedentary person weighing 160 lbs needs ~56g per day, people over 50 weighing 160 lbs need ~72g per day, and those who exercise and athletes that weigh 160 lbs need 128g per day. And a pound of steak only has 110g of protein! In short, Spacemilk is right for anyone. We designed it that way. Do you need it? No, not if you eat a pound of steak every day. Does it help if you don't? Oh, yea! Not only are you helping to meet your protein needs, but with 3g of soluble fiber, and 1 Billion CFU of probiotics, it's probably perfect for you. Don't take our word for it though, ask your doctor about your nutritional needs and show him our information. We stand by our products and transparency all the way!

I have a yeast sensitivity. Are you sure I can have Spacemilk?

Yes! (But go slow just in case.) Our purification process removes almost everything but the protein. Frequently, when people have a yeast sensitivity or allergy, they're allergic to other things which grow in the same conditions as yeast, like molds and other fungi, so when they have a reaction to yeast products, they're likely reacting to the other things. REGARDLESS, we stand by our statement that Spacemilk is hypoallergenic, and the purification process in creating the yeast protein isolate removes most nearly everything except the protein, fats, and carbs, making it ideal for even people with yeast sensitivities.

Sustainable, anyone can say that! What makes Spacemilk sustainable?

Firstly, fermented proteins like the one in Spacemilk produce 85-97% less greenhouse gasses than traditional Whey proteins. That alone is incredible. Second, it's grown in water, so it uses far less land than both animal AND plant-derived proteins. Even plant-derived proteins require sprawling farms, longer periods of time, and more inputs sourced from across the globe. Lastly, and probably the coolest of all, you can make it anywhere – for example... Space! (in theory.) Yeast is an old friend to humankind, with a myriad of applications which have allowed our species to thrive. Today, we add another with the potential to feed humanity beyond the stars, and even the hardest to reach places on Earth.

When will I notice if it's 'working'?

Give it two weeks, but you should notice improvements to your digestion and well-being day one. Your body doesn't store protein, or rather it does--just in the muscles. In essence, when you don't have enough protein, your body pulls what it needs from your muscles first, and you become weaker. Maintaining proper protein intake is vital to maintaining your energy, strength, and overall feelings of vitality. If you fall short of your needs, you'll feel sluggish and more susceptible to stress factors in your life. Just like anything else on the 



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